Kelley Kikos is a small Family Farm owned and operated by Alan, Christy and Chloe Kelley. We are located in West Central Florida just East of Brooksville in Hernando County, approximately 50 miles north of Tampa just a few minutes from I-75.  We specialize in high quality percentage, purebred and 100% Registered and Commercial New Zealand Kiko breeding stock. We register our goats with the NKR (National Kiko Registry) and we are also members of the SEKGA (Southeast Kiko Goat Association). We purchased our first set of Kiko goats from Bob and Marilyn Seleska at Spring Acres Farm in Quitman, Ga.

We did a lot of research on various breeds of goats and decided that the New Zealand Kiko breed would work best for us. The Kiko breed is known for their superior maternal instincts, longevity of breeding years, greater parasite resistance (which is critical here in hot and humid Florida), rapid growth rate of kids, less foot problems, fewer health issues and aggressive foraging which gives them substantial weight gains with natural  input. If you are looking to start a herd or improve an existing herd, Kiko goats are an extremely hardy breed requiring minimum maintenance

Our goal is to improve our Kikos with each breeding and to provide our customers with high quality genetics and easy to manage breeding stock. If they can survive down here in Sunny Florida they can survive anywhere! Our goats are Kiko Strong and they know it!

If you have any questions about Kiko goats or are interested in visiting our farm please feel free to send us an email or give us a call.